Creating conceptual and main projects

Based on the wishes of the investor, we develop requirements into conceptual designs that, in addition to the basic technological part, contain other elements such as: environmental impact assessment of the project, budget / project work / investment level and project plan. We provide the investor with a proposal for new / second hand equipment, and in addition we supplement the projects with expert supervision in the stages of equipment dismantling and assembly.

Professional consulting

From the design process to the very completion of the work, we offer consulting in the selection of contractors and supervision of the execution. In addition, we offer consulting in the area of ​​manufacturing start-up, doing production cost analysis and cost optimization, introducing new technologies and new products. In the production process through innovative solutions we make savings for investors, set up a process and production control system by offering software solutions.


Knowing the metal industry market in BiH, foreign companies can be a good partner in promoting products in BiH, and on the other hand, BiH companies a good partner in foreign markets. Our expert team works on projects in many European countries and parts of Africa so that through our contacts and stays in the foreign market we can work together to promote your company and your products.

Sales agency castings - agentura

Our sales department can also offer you cooperation in the part of selling your free casting capacities if you own them. Namely, over the years of existence and cooperation with companies, we have acquired many business partners who need castings, that is, new suppliers. We can make available to you our network of customers and products that will be tailored to your foundry and your technological level.

Mediation in employment

Our administrative department can also offer you collaboration in finding workforce mediation for your company. We are witnessing problems with finding adequate workforce and engineers. We can make available our network of contacts and also offer professional training in the field of metallurgy, casting, melting, electricity, locksmithing, model making. According to your needs we can announce targeted recruitment competitions, select candidates, conduct introductory interviews and, in addition to the basic training mentioned above, we can also train workers through their partners and award them occupational safety, fire safety, forklift management certificate, crane management certificate, etc. In order to get you a complete worker with all the necessary training.