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About company

Foundrybih d.o.o. is a private company specialised in the design of industrial metallurgical plants, represented in the market of materials and equipment, mediation in the sale of castings, mediation in employment, and technical consulting.
As a private company, it was established to provide its clients offer efficient and complete action with full guidance, just so as an expert support throughout the process.
The main activity of our bureau is to design metallurgical-industrial plants (gray and ductile foundries, ironworks, heat treatments, aluminum foundries, etc.).
In cooperation with our partner companies we offer other projects (compressor station, substations, LV distribution, refrigeration
water tower, AKZ equipment protection).
We also offer assembly and dismantling of equipment with expert supervision in cooperation with our partners.
We approach each project with full creative engagement of our experienced team, with our primary goal being mutual trust with clients so the final project satisfy both sides.

Our team

Graduate Mechanical Engineer
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Master of Technical Science - Metallurgy
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Graduated Electrical Engineer
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